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I have been seriously thinking about starting a petition or whatever to have Phoenix play in MANILAA! Anyone? yes? yes? :)))

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Feeling a bit nostalgic today. This kind of suits what I’m feeling. :)

Note that I’m not feeling nostalgic because of a guy or what not. I know the song is about that, but im relating more to the feel of the music. Get it? no? never mind. =))

Sorry for posting more music than fashion stuff. Hahaha. Ill get to that soon enough.

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I love Fashion, and i love British indie bands. And Burberry partnering up with these bands are just UH-MAZING. I went gaga when i heard about this. Enjoy!  :)

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From now on, ill also be posting my music loves. Im really into brit rock/brit pop [im obsessed with being British, you know ((= ]

Ill try to post at least a new song each week. Hope you enjoy em! :)